5 Back to School Safety Tips

school childrenSummer is almost over and it is time to switch gears and start thinking about your kids going back to school!

If your kids are about to enter grade school for the first time, this can be a very emotional and nerve-racking time leaving your child for the majority of the day. If your kids have been in grade school, you should still use these back to school safety tips for the new year!

1. Plan a route to school

Kids who have to take the bus in the morning or live close enough to school to walk need a safe route that the parents know about. The best way to plan this route it to make it yourself, then walk with your child through it so they know where to go and don’t get lost. Children will want their independence very early, so it is important for mental health to give them this responsibility.

2. Don’t talk to strangers

Little kids need to learn on their own the importance and dangers of talking to people that they don’t know. Stranger danger is taught all throughout grade school, especially to the younger kids. It is important to keep these lessons going on at home so they can eventually catch on.

3. Establish a form of communication

You and your child need a form of communication when you are going to be away from them. Emergencies happen at schools, and you never want to be put in a situation where you can’t get in contact with your child during one. Giving your child a phone establishes a direct line of communication.

4. Ask about your child’s day

Unfortunately, bullying is very common in grade school especially when kids are younger. Asking about your child’s day and listening can give you some insight as too what is going on when you are not around. You can also get information about friends of the child and authority figures in the school.

5. Buckle up!

Children on school buses rarely wear the seatbelts provided for them. Remind your children to always buckle their seat belts on the bus and wear a helmet if they are riding a bike to school. This can be the difference between a life and death accident.