How to Spot the Flu

sick in bedThe day you noticed flu symptoms probably started like any other day – you get the kids off to school, head over the office, and next thing you know, you notice a tickle in your throat.  The chills might come next.  Now you think, “Could I have the flu?”

While you may have done everything you could to protect yourself against the flu including getting your annual flu shot, practicing good hygiene, getting a full night’s rest, and eating a nutritional diet, sometimes, viruses, like the one that caused the flu, can infect your home when you least expect it.

The good news is, understanding the early signs and symptoms of the flu can not only help you spot the flu faster, but can also prevent the spread of the flu to others.  Here are some tips to help you get to know the flu better so that you can get back on your feet faster.

The tickle in your throat

That pesky itch in the back of your throat seems like it just won’t let up, no matter how much you clear your throat.  While it is more than likely an annoyance, a tickle in the back of your throat could be a sign that you’re coming down with the flu.  A sore, scratchy throat usually signals white blood cells that are trying to fight off infection.

Pro tip: Sip warm tea and other hot beverages to alleviate your sore throat as well as keep your body hydrated.

Body aches and chills

It might start off as a headache, and travel through the rest of your body.  You may blame your body aches and pains on your most recent workout, but it could also be an indication that your body is releasing inflammatory chemicals to help your white blood cells fight off infection.  Give your body a much-needed break by taking a warm bath to sooth sore and uncomfortable muscles.

Pro Tip: While it may be tempting to cover yourself in a heavy blanket when you’re suffering from the chills, covering your body in too many layers can actually cause your body to overheat.  It’s best to get plenty of bed-rest, drink lots of fluids, and cover yourself in a light blanket to stay warm.

Feeling Fatigued?

If you start to feel tired all of a sudden, or just generally run down, it could be a sign that your body is trying to fight off a bug.  Exhaustion is a common symptom of the flu, making it difficult to get out of bed or off the couch.  Why is sudden exhaustion one of the first symptoms you notice?  It’s mainly because your body needs more energy to fight against the flu virus, and when you’re sick, your immune system is in overdrive to create immune cells and proteins, like antibodies, to fight off the infection.

Pro Tip:  There’s a reason by your body is tired: it’s telling you to rest!  Get a good night’s sleep, and take a day or two away from your busy routine to help your body successfully produce the germ-fighters it needs to beat the infection.



Coming down with the flu?  Not only does AFC Urgent Care Bedford provide seasonal flu shots, but we also treat cold and flu-like symptoms so you can get the treatment plan you need so you can feel better, sooner.  Call or visit us today – no appointment necessary!