A Guide to Preventing Wintertime Slips and Falls

During the winter months, the weather outside is equally frigid and frightful. Even though it can be pretty from inside a warm, cozy house, it can be downright hazardous to venture outdoors. Elderly people with mobility problems are at the highest risk, but even the most able-bodied individuals can fall when roads and walkways covered in ice and snow. This guide features some helpful tips that will make it easier for you to stay physically safe all season long.

Wear slip-resistant shoes –

Wearing dress shoes and boots that lack non-slip soles can be quite risky when it is icy and snowy. To be as sure-footed as possible when you have to walk outdoors in the winter, make sure you don slip-resistant shoes that will give you the best possible traction. Snow boots are, of course, the best option, but if you don’t have a pair of these, wear thick-soled sneakers with useful treads.

Be extremely aware while crossing streets –

When crossing a road, you need to be extra vigilant during the winter season. Patches of black ice are likely to be present, but you won’t be able to see them. Therefore, take slow, deliberate steps whenever you are on a roadway. Otherwise, you could easily slip and get severely injured, either by the fall itself or by a motor vehicle that could not get stopped in time to avoid hitting you.

Take caution when walking into buildings –

Since you can’t know how well business owners and other homeowners have cared for their walkways before and after a snowstorm, it’s important to exercise extra caution when entering buildings away from home. There might be icy or wet patches on sidewalks and steps, for instance. Again, make sure to take slow steps and get your footing before continuing on your way.

Keep your hands empty if you can –

In addition to potentially throwing your balance off, carrying things in your hands and arms during the winter will prevent you from catching yourself if you do slip. Therefore, it helps to keep your hands empty if at all possible. Carrying a backpack is one great option, especially for parents who need to haul a variety of items for their young children.

These tips should help you remain as safe as possible when you have to be outside in the winter months. If you do slip and fall, however, remember that it is important to get checked by a providereven if you don’t think you are hurt. Sometimes, injuries can lurk without having any noticeable symptoms, which can lead to worse problems later on.

If you experience a wintertime injury such as a painful slip or fall make sure to come into our walk-in clinic for fast and immediate treatment!