Reasons Everyone in Your Family Should Get the Flu Shot

Influenza is miserable, no matter how you slice it. Between dealing with a fever, chills, and achy muscles all over your body, it’s enough to drive a person crazy. Fortunately, the flu shot is a relatively effective way of avoiding this annoying ailment that is most prevalent during the winter months.

You might be wondering, though, if it’s worthwhile for everyone in your household to get the flu shot each year. In this guide, you will see some helpful information about the many benefits that come with getting your flu shot annually. Our set of tips help you figure out if it’s worthwhile for everyone in your household to get vaccinated. The answer is almost certainly going to be a resounding, “Yes!”

Even if someone gets the flu, it’s less likely to spread

Although the flu shot does not protect from all strains of the flu, even if someone in your home does contract the illness, it will be significantly less likely to spread throughout your household if everyone has had the flu vaccine. This is especially true if the affected individual takes care to not cover the ailment by washing his or her hands frequently, staying in one place as much as possible, and not touching the same food items other family members are eating.

It will protect small children and older adults in your family

More and more American families are living in multi-generational households. The mix of much younger and older individuals leads to more people getting sick when illness strikes. Elderly individuals and small children are most at risk for severe complications when they get the flu. Fortunately, individuals who fall into both of these demographics can receive the flu shot, as long as your babies are over six months old. It is, of course, a good idea to check with a medical caregiver for clearance prior to having anyone in your family vaccinated.

It will keep kids healthier at school.

While school staff members do their best to maintain a safe and clean environment for students, children will be children. Getting your elementary-aged kids and teenagers vaccinated against the flu is a great way to protect them while they are away from home during the day.

The flu shot is an excellent option for just about everyone and is an absolute necessity for people who fall into specific demographics. By making sure your family gets vaccinated every year, you will significantly decrease the likelihood of you and your loved ones getting seriously ill.

Make sure that you and the members of your family get a flu shot by either walking into our clinic or by scheduling an appointment in the near future!