First Aid Basics for School Sports Injuries

Millions of children in elementary school, middle school, and high school play school sanctioned sports every year, which presents the possible risks of sports injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that nearly 3.2 million school-aged children go to the emergency room to treat sports injuries every year. Additionally, collision and contact sports including football, soccer, and basketball account for 80 percent of all sports injuries.

Even though school sports present injury risks they are still a safe way for your child to get physical activity, socialize with others, and build upon athletic skills. Parents that enroll their child in a sport should just make sure they know about some of the best ways to administer first aid for sports injuries.

First aid can help stabilize your child’s injury as you look for the appropriate treatment option and ensure the injury doesn’t get worse. So what are some first aid basics parents should be aware of?

Use the P.R.I.C.E method to manage a sudden sports injury

Whenever an injury occurs on the field, court, or elsewhere during your child’s athletic event, try the P.R.I.C.E method. PRICE is an acronym to help parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and similar personnel manage a sudden injury:

  • Protection: Make sure that play stops and that it is safe to begin first aid on the injured athlete. All first aid should be conducted as safely as possible.
  • Rest: Rest the injured limb or body part and try to keep weight off it when possible. Putting more weight on the injured area or exerting it more can increase the severity of an injury.
  • Ice: Ice the injured limb to reduce swelling and stop blood flow. Ice for 20 minute periods until you find a local provider or treatment option.
  • Compression: Compress the injured limb while also applying ice. Use a brace or similar medical device to stabilize the injury.
  • Elevation: Elevate the injured limb when possible to help reduce blood flow. If you can keep the injured area elevated before seeking out treatment.

For minor sports injures try visiting urgent care!

The good news for most parents is that most minor sports injuries are acute, which means they don’t require emergency room services. The national rates of ER use are sky-high because many parents may not consider using an urgent care center.

Urgent care centers like AFC Urgent Care Bedford provide nearby urgent care for patients that need injury treatment for bruises, bone breaks, cuts, and lacerations. Additionally, you can go directly from the field to an urgent care center since you don’t need an appointment. Simply visit the walk-in clinic for treatment.

Whatever the sport your child plays, they will always receive fast, affordable, and high-quality injury treatment at AFC Urgent Care Bedford.