How to Control and Manage Pollen Allergies

The warm weather has finally arrived and it brought plenty of pollen along with it! That pollen doesn’t affect some people at all, but for the rest of you unlucky allergy sufferers, it can make the summer months miserable.

There are steps you can take to enjoy your summer and keep your pollen allergies on the back burner. Want to manage your pollen allergies? – Follow these simple steps!

Know your Trigger

If you suspect you’re suffering from pollen allergies, you should visit an allergist for allergy testing. This testing will allow you to know exactly what it is that triggers your pollen allergy.

The most common pollen allergies include types of trees and grass. Now that you know what triggers your allergies, you can take steps to avoid exposure!

Check the Pollen Count

Each day you’re able to go online or watch the local news to learn what the pollen count is. The higher the pollen count, the worse your allergies will be. Sometimes you can even learn what type of pollen has the highest level that day.

If pollen counts are high, it’s time to stay inside. You should also close all doors and windows to keep outside pollen from coming in.

Stay Clean

Pollen sticks to anything that it can. That means that your clothes, and even your hair, are a way to carry pollen into your home. You should change clothes and shower as soon as possible after being outdoors to keep the pollen at bay.

Your clothes can’t be dried outdoors on a clothes line either since that leaves even more time to attract pollen! Keep your home clean by washing bedding and towels in hot water once a week.

Manage Your Symptoms

Living with a pollen allergy is much more manageable when your symptoms are controlled. Speak with your physician about antihistamines, allergy pills, and even nasal spray that help your body to fight against the pollen allergy.

If you know that your peak allergy season is approaching, begin taking the allergy medication as soon as possible. This gives it time to build up in your system and be an effective defense against pollen allergies.

If you suffer from pollen allergies you just need to remember that you’re not alone. It can be a very frustrating and limiting condition, but treatment options are readily available for you both through your medical provider and over the counter!

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