What To Do When You Have the Flu

Getting the flu feels scary – the symptoms are uncomfortable and can take you out of school or work for several days at a time. The intense fever and congestion are signs that your body is struggling, and you need to attend to the problem to fix it. Here’s how to take care of your body if you have the flu. 

Rest your body

Since your body is so busy fighting off the virus, it isn’t going to have the energy to do other things. Call your school or employer right away to let them know you have the flu – you’re going to need to stay home for a couple of days. While you’re at home, make sure you up to your fluid intake. Not only does your body need to stay hydrated, but the fluids will also help to break up the mucus that is causing your cough.

There are a variety of other helpful treatments you can pick up at the drugstore as well. Taking an over-the-counter painkiller can reduce your aches and fevers while taking a tablet can soothe your sore throat. Saline solutions are an excellent way to relieve a stuffed up nose. If you have a humidifier, run it to keep your body from drying out. 

Visit an urgent care center for treatment

Seeing a doctor help manage your flu symptoms is crucial, particularly if they aren’t going away. Urgent care centers treat seasonal illnesses by prescribing you antiviral drugs, which can ease the symptoms, and they can recommend or give you other products to keep you comfortable (like an expectorant to lessen the cough). Seeing a doctor is particularly important if you have underlying medical conditions that make you more susceptible to the flu.

Avoid contact with other surfaces

Since your immune system is weak right now, you are going to be hypersensitive to any germs throughout your day-to-day activities. Avoid touching public surfaces that are likely to harbor bacteria and wash your hands frequently. And always remember that if you’ve gotten the flu once, you can still get it again. Speak with a trusted medical provider about getting a flu vaccine so that you won’t be caught off guard again. Many places off the flu vaccine for free or at very affordable prices. 

Although there’s not one failsafe cure for the flu, treating your symptoms can help you get over it more quickly. Take the extra time to rest and recover, and make sure you seek treatment at your local urgent care as needed. 

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