Benefits of a Workplace Flu Clinic for Employees

Flu season is in full swing and unfortunately, many people aren’t prepared. There are steps that you can take to help protect yourself and your employees before it’s too late! Workplace flu clinics for employees are becoming increasing popular across multiple industries. If you’re on the fence about a workplace flu clinic for your employees, check out these impressive benefits that come along with it. 

Staying Healthy at Work

When employees have the flu, they can either choose to call off or come to work despite their illness. When an employee comes to work while they’re sick, they pose a risk to everyone else in the building. A workplace flu clinic encourages your employees to get vaccinated and practice proper hygiene to keep every there safe while they work! 

Establishing a Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is the key to maintaining long-term employees that actually enjoy their job. When an employee sees their employer going above and beyond to put their health first, it shows them that their work-life balance is just as important to you as it is to them! Not only does offering their flu shot in the workplace keep them from carrying the virus to their family waiting at home, but it also saves them the time and money that they’d have to spend to get the flu shot on one of their days off. 

Keeping Employees Safe and Productive 

Employees who continue to show up to work when they’re ill aren’t as productive as healthy employees. The flu can cause severe fatigue, weakness, and difficulty focusing on tasks. Offering a workplace flu clinic will encourage the majority of your employees to get vaccinated, protecting the rest of them as well by lowering potential exposure. That means less missed work days or work days spent being sick rather than productive! 

Overall, a workplace flu clinic pays for itself in the productivity and attendance that you’re improving throughout the flu season. Contact your local urgent care center today to learn more about what options they have available for a workplace flu clinic.

Getting your workplace scheduled and set-up for a flu clinic is probably easier, and cheaper, than you think! Once the workplace flu clinic is in place, don’t forget to encourage employees to go get their vaccination and share the facts with them. Getting a simple flu shot can lower their risk of contracting the flu by over 80%!

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