New Fall Festive Recipes for Healthy Family Dinners

Nutrition is important year-round but going into the fall season it should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. With Thanksgiving dinners and festive family meals, it’s easy to forget that what you eat matters. Try out one of these delicious, heart healthy, and all-around good for your body, recipes next time it’s your turn to make the family dinner! 

Tortilla Soup 

Nothing says fall like a warm bowl of soup! This recipe is a healthy twist on traditional tortilla soup. With chicken thighs, fresh peppers and onions, reduced sodium chicken broth, and plenty of spices, this recipe is sure to impress! The ingredients used are flavorful without packing on too many extra calories. It can be ready to enjoy in just 45 minutes and it’s sure to impress a crowd!

Balsamic Short Ribs

Everyone needs a trusty slow cooker recipe in their arsenal heading into the cooler months and these balsamic short ribs are the perfect choice. Ribs, garlic, tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, and fresh thyme work together with a few other ingredients you’ve likely already have in your pantry to create tender and juicy short ribs.

Once the prep is done you can toss the ribs and sauce into a slow cooker and relax for 8 hours while they cook low and slow to really pack in the flavor! If you’re short on time, you can use the same recipe cooked on high for just 4 hours. 

Black Bean Salad Sweet Potatoes 

Sometimes you forget to plan a family dinner, but that doesn’t mean fast food is the answer! This recipe features fiber packed sweet potatoes, protein filled black beans, tomatoes, and common household spices to create a meal that fits inside the skin of a sweet potato. The potatoes can even be microwaved rather than baked if you’ve got no time to spare! 

As you’re enjoying these healthy fall recipes don’t forget that a healthy diet has to be paired with routine medical care for the best results.

A healthy lifestyle begins with your dinner plate, but it definitely doesn’t end there! Next time you’re out shopping for healthy fall ingredients, swing by your local urgent care or walk-in clinic to receive a physical and a flu shot to stay protected all winter long. Afterall, don’t you want to go into the new year being the healthiest you possible?

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