How Long Does Flu Season Last?

Flu season can last quite a long time in most Massachusetts towns. Recently, flu season across the state, as well as the entire US, has been lasting longer and longer with each passing year.

According to the CDC, flu season has jumped in length since flu season can sometimes peak as late as April in any given year. February is usually when flu season peaks in the last 40 years, but the last two seasons have lasted into March or April. The flu virus adapts each year, which can mean that the flu virus is more likely to survive past it’s normal seasonal spike.

For local Bedford and Massachusetts residents, it can be hard to determine how long you’ll need to treat and manage any potential flu outbreak this year. So how can can you expect the flu season to last this year?

Flu season can last until late spring in Mass.

Flu season can last upwards of four months in the new year, which can mean that patients are at risk for getting the flu into April or even May!

Just because the weather starts to warm up doesn’t mean the flu dissipates from your local community. A particularly strong strain of the flu can last well past the colder season as people continue to spread the virus within schools, households, and other indoor locations.

Residents in Bedford and the surrounding towns should realize that any flu cases can spread past the peak of flu season, January and February, and well into the spring.

What can I do to prevent flu during a long flu season?

The good news for patients is that AFC Urgent Care Bedford provides flu shots and seasonal flu symptom treatment for patients! Let the urgent care team at our walk-in clinic provide you with the services needed to help ensure that you can stave off any sudden flu cases!

Immediate treatment options at an urgent care center include visiting a team of providers that can alleviate symptoms, administer flu shots, and ensure that you can effectively recover from the flu.

At home remedies that can help prevent the flu before needing an urgent care visit include the usual tried-but-true remedies:

  • Getting plenty of rest when you are sick to help recover more consistently
  • Drinking plenty of fluids whenever you get sick
  • Using over-the-counter medicines whenever you have onset symptoms like congestion and sneezing
  • Avoiding contact with others to help reduce the spread of the virus

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