How to Treat Common Cold Symptoms

The common cold can impact a patient’s health if they don’t take the time to properly seek out treatment, but thankfully you can visit your nearby urgent care center for help!

A common cold is caused by a rhinovirus that can affect the immune system and cause symptoms in just a few days. A rhinovirus can travel through the airways, mouth, and nasal passages which means that there are many opportunities to get the common cold. Additionally, the common cold can’t be vaccinated like the flu. Any patient that gets a cold will have to treat flu symptoms immediately.

The good news for any patient with a common cold is that there are simple at-home and medical remedies that can help alleviate symptoms. These treatment options are tried and true methods to make your cold symptoms more manageable!

Rest and hydration are the first steps to cold relief

Most individuals realize that rest and frequent hydration are the key to overcoming a common cold. But many still don’t take the time to get enough fluids to properly heal from a cold.

As your body fights off the common cold virus it becomes significantly dehydrated. Without frequent water consumption, a patient with a common cold struggles to fight off the common cold. Make sure you drink plenty of water, soup, and other liquids to ensure that you have the energy to fight off a flu virus.

Rest is also key to ensure that your body doesn’t overexert itself while trying to fight off the common cold. Take off work, school, or any other daily activities to prevent spreading the virus and getting enough rest.

Use over-the-counter medicines as instructed.

A local pharmacy or convenience store can help provide over-the-counter medicine that can relieve aggressive cold symptoms! If you feel onset flu symptoms coming, make sure you stock up!

Unless you have a specific allergy or medical issue with OTC medicines, you should go find any medications that have special labels for cold and fly symptoms. These medications can help with specific needs such as headaches, congestion, fever, and similar symptoms!

Visit AFC Bedford for common cold relief!

Patients in Bedford, MA luckily can visit AFC Bedford for common cold treatment whenever they have lingering symptoms. Even with rest and over-the-counter medications, patients may need medical intervention to help relief certain symptoms. Let the team at AFC Urgent Care Bedford address your cold symptoms so you can enjoy the wintertime without the sniffles!

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