What Occupational Physicals Can I Get at AFC Urgent Care?

Physical exams are designed to help keep employees safe while they perform the daily tasks of their job. At AFC Urgent Care Bedford, we recognize the importance of your employee’s health and safety. That is why we conveniently provide a variety of physical exams for all patients and employees. Learn more about the occupational health physicals we offer and call us today for more information.

What Our Physicals Test For

Depending on the needs of the business, our physicals can test for specific things. All physicals will go into medical history and will test for vision and hearing. Blood pressure is another common aspect to check during these physical exams. All other elements are specific to each physical and depend on the type of job you are working or applying for. All occupational, physical exams are created to help keep your employees safe and healthy.

Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre-employment physicals are required as certain jobs may require strenuous activity as part of the daily tasks. There are certain conditions, though, that protect the employee’s rights as outlined by the ADA. These regulations are required for all private businesses with more than 15 employees and all state and local organizations.

In addition to the tests and screenings mentioned earlier, pre-employment physicals may also include:

  • Occupational history evaluation
  • Musculoskeletal exam
  • Examination of the head, ears, eyes, nose, & throat
  • Respiratory evaluation
  • Any necessary vaccinations for the position or that are out of date.

DOT Physicals

DOT physicals are required for all commercial drivers to receive their commercial driver’s license. They must be renewed every twenty-four months, but some cards may only be issued for 3, 6, or 12 months. Only certified medical examiners are able to conduct DOT physicals, so it’s important to call ahead before coming in to ensure our accredited physicians are on staff.

DOT physicals consist of everything mentioned above, including blood pressure, vision, and hearing. Vision tests are conducted to ensure drivers can distinguish between different lights and signals, as well as testing their peripheral vision. Be sure to wear any glasses or contacts to the exam. Our physicians also test a patient’s pulse to ensure good heart function.

Our lab services are used to test the body’s glucose, protein, and blood. This helps detect potentially undiagnosed illnesses such as diabetes or infections that may impair the driver’s ability. Neurological function tests are also used to help check reflexes and the function of arms the legs.