Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

The world is not what it once was. Gone are the days of getting together a group of 8-year-old kids for an adult-free trick-or-treat session. Safety is something that parents have to pay close attention to when it comes to trick-or-treating in 2021. The safety measures you need to know related to costumes, trick-or-treating, and handing out candy at your own home. Get ready for a safe and fun Halloween!

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Costume Safety

Coming up with the scariest or most creative costume can be an exciting time for many children. While it is exciting to have the ideal outfit, it is not always safe. Understanding the hazards of costume ideas and what is needed for a safe costume can provide you and your child with an accident-free evening.

An obvious costume helps drivers to see your child in the dark. This could mean using neon or other bright colors, reflective tape, or even LED lights to make your child’s presence obvious. The costume should also have a proper fit. With so many candles lit on Halloween, the risk of an oversized costume catching a flame is there. A well-fitted costume can also prevent falls and injuries on an otherwise fun night.

A safe costume is one without a mask. While a mask can make the costume precisely as envisioned, a talented make-up artist can do the same without limited vision. Other objects, including a witch’s broom or weapons, can also prove to be a safety hazard. Carried objects can add to the costume, but few kids want to carry around extra stuff for the evening in addition to safety issues.

Trick-or-Treating Safety

Trick-or-treating can be more fun than eating candy at the end of the night. However, it is essential to remember to be safe! Carry a flashlight, have adult supervision for younger children, and remember to check your child’s candy before consumption. Any opened or tampered with packaging should result in trashed candy. Additionally, if your older child is going without an adult, giving them a phone to carry in case of an emergency.

Safety at Home

Should you choose to stay at home and pass out candy, there are a few necessary steps to ensure your home is safe for trick-or-treaters.

  • Clear your walkway of debris.
  • Provide proper lighting.
  • Try a candy chute or individual baggies over a bowl.
  • Bring your pets inside or ensure they are contained.
  • Secure decorations properly.

Safety is necessary to prevent injury on Halloween. Making your home a safe space for kids will add to the enjoyment of others.