COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Novel Coronavirus Antibody Testing

154 Great Road,
Bedford, MA


AFC Urgent Care Bedford provides COVID-19 Antibody testing to see if their body is currently responding to a COVID-19 infection. Antibody tests can help patients determine if they have a limited immunity to COVID-19, if their body is fighting off infection though there are no symptoms, and if there is a greater-than-expected risk of COVID-19 cases within a community.

Before getting an antibody test for the novel coronavirus, patients must schedule a test by calling or through our online portal. However, call volume is higher than normal due to increased testing demand. Please refer to the top of our website to learn more! 

How does Antibody Testing Work?

Antibody testing is the process of analyzing a patient’s blood to determine if present antibodies are fighting off an illness regardless of their symptoms. As the CDC explains, an antibody or “serology test” can detect infections in patients that have no symptoms. Asymptomatic patients can be carriers of COVID-19, which means that an antibody test is the most accurate way to determine if they have COVID-19. 

Many public health organizations are using antibody tests to determine the full scope of COVID-19 infections among both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. National research efforts rely on antibody tests to find new ways to protect the public against the virus. At the individual level, patients can visit an urgent care center, just like AFC Urgent Care Waltham, to get test results in a day after the visit. 

Booking COVID-19 Antibody Testing in Bedford

Book your COVID-19 Antibody test in Bedford, MA by using the button above to register online. Patients will be notified of when their test is and when they will need to come in. As a reminder, our urgent care center is experiencing high call volume due to COVID-19 testing demand. Patients may call or register online for testing. Also consult your health insurance plan to see if COVID coverage applies for antibody testing.