Thank You for Choosing AFC!

Thank you for entering your information! Please note, this does NOT guarantee an appointment time but it will reserve a spot for you in our patient queue. There may still be a wait depending on how many patients registered ahead of your spot in the queue.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Online Queue:

“Do you take appointments?”

We don’t take appointments, but if you’d like to reserve a spot in our patient queue you can do so on our website.  It doesn’t guarantee an appointment time, but puts you into the queue ahead of time.

“I made an appointment online”

The reserve a spot feature on our website is not an appointment, but it allows patients to enter their name in our system at a time that may be convenient for them to hold a spot in our patient queue.  We will get you back as soon as possible.

“Why was that person taken back before me?”

We take all patients back in the order they came in, which means if they reserved a spot on our website their name was put in our patient queue ahead of time.

“It is past my appointment time, are they going to call me back soon?”

We are so sorry about the wait. When you reserve a spot on our website, it puts your name in our queue. If there are other health emergencies happening at the same time, it may delay your time. We will get you back as soon as possible.